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AVS Summer School 2021


The Avon Valley School Summer School took place on Monday 9th August to Friday 13th August 2021.  Overall, 7 staff were involved full time with additional staff attending one off sessions throughout the week to support the upcoming Year 7 students.

The week focused on mathematical problem solving and improving literacy skills. Students were engaged in a number of practical mathematics activities, including Coordinate Battleships, Vector Football, Escape Rooms, Magic Maths and Data Analysis tasks. Literacy focused on different grammar games, reading, writing of a daily journal and the active use of language in a performance environment.

During the week, the students also had the opportunity to experience social and cultural activities including baking, devising drama pieces, a musical workshop and JM Entertainment, an outside organization, provided fun and engaging physical challenges.

Overall, 41 students attended the Summer School across the week.

 The Department for Education provided funding for our summer school.
Breakdown of funding

Salary Costs        £5946.73

*Sundry Costs    £2706.91

Total funding     £8653.64

*these costs include an external provider, lunches for students, refreshments, resources, awards and prizes.


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