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Post 16 Provision

One of the many consequences of the Covid 19 outbreak is the sudden termination of Year 11 learning and the removal of the examination season, which has been hugely disruptive to the learning of all Year 11 students. The school has been working with Post 16 providers across the town to facilitate some preparation work for the courses that students have signed up for in the next academic year. The work sent through by the providers will be placed into this area for students to work through in preparation for their studies next year. If students wish to email their AVS subject teachers for support then I know they will do what they can to help - but please do bear in mind that the work here is being set by other institutions.

It is really important to keep engaged in learning and to maintain good study habits. I am aware that many of our Year 11 students want to have access to appropriate work  and I hope that the work provided here will encourage students to get back into the flow of learning.

Best Wishes,

Alison Davies


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