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Students and Parents Celebrate Academic Achievement

During the evening on Thursday 4th July, The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College held its annual awards evening which celebrated the success, and hard work, of well over 100 high achieving students.   

During the well-attended event, the school’s highest achieving students were presented with an award recognising their hard work, commitment and academic success. Each of the school’s faculties and subject areas nominated two students from each year group to receive a subject award. The subject areas also selected one students, from any year group, to receive the overall subject award.

In addition, one high achieving student from each of the school’s Houses was selected by their Achievement Leader for an award. The outstanding students of the year were Shreya Rana – Apollo, Aisha Bacon – Fortune, Natalia Wojcik – Garrick and Maisie Lloyd– Phoenix. Year 10, Garrick House, student Sam Newberry was selected by the school’s headteacher for a special award.

The students sat in front of proud parents, carers and family members, were presented with a medal by TEDx speaker coach Minnie von Mallinckrodt-Grant, and received a certificate from the school’s headteacher Alison Davies.

This year’s guest speaker, Minnie von Mallinckrodt-Grant, is a TEDx speaker coach who has helped both novice and experienced speakers turn their big idea into a concise, punchy, TED-worthy talks which are delivered to large audiences with authentic confidence.

Achievement Leader Carole Labreize, who organised the awards evening’ said, “It is always a pleasure to organise the school’s awards evening and to see our hard working, high achieving, students receive their medals and certificates. They have all worked hard throughout the year and it is nice to celebrate their success.”

Alison Davies, Headteacher commented “It was wonderful to welcome so many parents and carers to our school. Our students benefit greatly from the support they receive from their teacher and their parents which enables them to achieve and to enjoy success. I am also very grateful to Minnie who spoke to the students about breaking down barriers and having the right attitude for success.”

Guest speaker, Minnie, said “It was an honour to be invited to speak and present awards at The Avon Valley School’s awards evening. The students who received their awards and those who performed were a real credit to the school and their families. While at the school I heard all about the range of performing arts opportunities given to the students; from my own experience I know how much these can benefit young people and enhance their confidence.”

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