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School Drop Off/Pick Up

It has been wonderful to welcome all our students back to school this week following the summer break, and we look forward to working with them, and you, throughout the 2019/2020 academic year.

Unfortunately, during the first week back we have had contact from a number of local residents about incidents of inconsiderate and, at times, unsafe parking on the residential roads near the school during drop off and pick up times. Whilst we appreciate this will not apply to the majority of parents and carers, we ask to you consider the following.

Where possible we recommend that students walk, use a bike or a school bus to get to/from school. Car sharing can also help to reduce the volume of traffic at these times of day. If using a car is essential to get your child to school we ask that you park safely and are mindful of the people who live nearby. To help ease congestion you may consider dropping your child off slightly further away, allowing them to walk the last stretch of their journey.

If your child does walk please take a few minutes to remind them about road safety strategies such as sticking to paths and using designated crossing points. If your child travels to school on a bike we recommend that the bike has working lights, that a safety helmet is worn, and that the bike is secured with a strong lock throughout the day.

Ultimately, keeping students safe is our first priority. Please work with us and, bearing in mind the dangers vehicles present, if you do use a car to transport your child to school, please be considerate of others as you complete the school run.

We thank you for your support in this matter. 

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