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Students write letters to care home residents to open over Christmas

The students at The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College have written hundreds of letters that will be sent to residents of local care homes to open during the festival season.

Students in Year 7 and Year 8 have spent a number of lessons drafting and writing letters in class, whilst other students have been encouraged to pen their own letters via Google Classroom. Some students, who are currently self-isolating, have written their letter at home and emailed it to their teacher for printing at school.

In the letters the school’s students have introduced themselves and shared information about their hobbies, interests, and ambitions for the future. They have also discussed events of the year and have wished the letter’s recipient a cheerful and happy Christmas.

After the students had written, and submitted their letter, the letters were quarantined in the school before being delivered to local care homes where they will be opened by residents aged 50 – 100.

Erin Anderson-Howe, who leads the school’s well-being council, said, “This project is part of December’s theme which is ‘The Gift of Giving’ and I am delighted with the number of letters our students have produced. At the last count we had 223 letters, with a few more yet to be added. I hope everyone who contributed, by writing a letter, is very proud. Some of the residents may not be able to see members of their family due to being in a high risk category, and we hope our letter will make them smile.”

Alison Davies, Headteacher, said, “It is wonderful to see that our students have produce so many letter, I am sure these will be greatly appreciated by the residents who receive them. There is no doubt that this year has been difficult, for people of all ages, and I hope the lovely letters written by our students will help to spread some Christmas cheer.”

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