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Avon Valley School Students Launch Wellbeing Podcast

A group of students and staff from The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College have worked together to produce the school’s very first podcast which is now available to all members of the school community.  

The debut podcast episode was recorded, and produced, by members of the school’s wellbeing council and features twelve students from, a range of year groups, along with six members of staff. The podcast which has an anti-bullying message was released as part the UK’s anti-bullying week

In the episode the students and staff discuss their own experiences, the impact bullying can have and the importance of being kind. Those listening to the podcast can also hear about the services and support available in school for those who have experienced bullying.

All the students involved in the project have been awarded leadership points and the podcast has been uploaded to the school’s YouTube channel for people to listen to. So far the podcast episode has been listened to over 300 times.

Erin Anderson-Howe, the member of staff behind the project, said “Events this year have left many young people feeling isolated and the podcast is a way for people to connect. Unfortunately, due to covid restrictions and social distancing, we cannot hold traditional assemblies and the wellbeing council decided that a podcast would be a good way to share the anti-bullying message. As a group we had several obstacles to overcome as those involved couldn’t work directly with each other. Each person, therefore, had to record their section independently before it was edited together, this did mean that those self-isolating could still be involved.”

Alison Davies, Headteacher, said, “I was delighted to listen to our school’s first ever podcast, and I was really impressed with everyone involved. This was a very creative way to use technology to bring people together and everyone involved in the project have every right to be proud of themselves.”

To listen to the podcast visit: https://youtu.be/8_m-8ah58AA

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