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You Said - We Did

At Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College we are continuously striving to improve the experience offered by the school for students, parents and carers, and staff.

Students are able to express opinions and thought through regular ‘Student Voice’ sessions which take place during tutor time. Feedback and comments are noted by the tutor group’s rep and are shared with the student leadership team who in turn raise issues during House and School Council meetings.

Parents are surveyed at every parent’s evening, and any concerns that are raised are followed up and where possible actioned.

Staff are surveyed once a year through an online questionnaire, with follow-up discussion and actions where needed.

The Avon Valley School prides itself on being an open school and always welcomes dialogue with stakeholders at the earliest opportunity, to help improve outcomes and the experience for all involved.

When there’s a problem, our students and parents have commented on how quick and responsive we are to finding a solution. Here are few examples to illustrate this.

You Said

We Did

I would like to find out more information about the school.

We set up a monthly newsletter that is on the school website and is distributed electronically to parents and carers.

My child needs support with homework. We set up a homework club after school, Monday to Thursday in the library that is open to all students and is staffed.

My child always leaves it too late to make appointments for me at parents’ evening.

We set up an online booking system, thus allowing parents to take charge of making appointments.

My child states that the dining-room can be very busy.

We set up a second eating area in the theatre, for students with a packed lunch.
My child has to queue up too long at lunchtime to buy a sandwich or hot snack. We set up the ‘grab and go’ scheme, where a student can pre-order the lunch for up to a week and collect it quickly and effortlessly at lunchtime, guaranteeing their chosen food.
I worry about giving my child a lot of money to pay for dinner/ trips/ resources.

We use an online system called for payments so that parents can pay for everything online, eliminating the risk of money going missing.

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