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Careers education, information, advice and guidance aim to enable individuals to become lifelong planners and managers of their own careers within a rapidly changing world of work and learning. At The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College we have a stable careers programme with access to support for developing career management skills, employability skills and independent learning skills.

Every student and their parents can access good quality information about future study options and labour market opportunities.


Summary of the AVS careers programme.

Careers education is an integral part of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and tutor periods. The Avon Valley School has its own dedicated Careers Advisor and provides careers education and opportunities for all students. The programme includes:

Year 7

This year the focus is on ’Becoming Part of AVS’. All Year 7 students cover the topic ‘What I want to be’ in PSHE. There is a careers SPLASH day along with a number of assemblies and presentations which help students to start thinking about their future including what qualifications are needed for which careers, the importance of EBacc subjects (English, Maths, Science, Computer Science, Languages, History and Geography) and thinking about university and apprenticeships.

Year 8

This year the focus is on ’Your Future’. Students are supported in choosing their option subjects so they complement any career they might choose to follow in the future. Students have the opportunity to be a duty student for a half a day. There is a careers SPLASH day along with a number of assemblies by employees and employers. In PSHE students study a unit entitled ‘Looking after my money’ in the spring term.

Year 9

This year the focus is on ’Achieving your Potential’. In the Autumn term students study the topic of ‘Careers & Finance’. The careers SPLASH day is called ‘Daring to Dream’ where students have a careers talk by the Department of Work and Pensions and examine their employability skills. They have assemblies by people from the world of work.

Year 10

This year the focus is on the ‘World of Work’.  In PSHE students look at ‘Big Choices’ in PSHE where preparation for work experience is completed. All students write a letter to an employer and take part in a pre-visit, prior to spending a week at work experience placement. Work experience is compulsory for all Year 10 students. During this year many students apply, interview for and receive roles of responsibility within the school as prefects, allowing students to develop their leadership skills. There is a number of assemblies by employers and employees.

Year 11

This year focuses on ‘Life after AVS’. Students have several assemblies from local post-16 providers and have opportunities to visit many of the providers. In PSHE, students focus on ‘Getting Ready for Work’ and time is spent preparing for mock interviews that all participate in. A careers fair is held where students hear about Apprenticeships, university life and local businesses. All Year 11 have a careers interview that parents are welcome to attend. Furthermore, students have several encounters with the National Citizenship Service (NCS) with many participating in their summer placement.

All years

The AVS Careers Advisor is present at the parents’ evenings for Year 8 -11. All students participate in National Careers Week where they experience a wide range of jobs and careers within their curriculum subjects and look at labour market information regarding these jobs. All students can participate in the School Council. Students are offered the opportunity to participate on trips, both within curriculum areas and those organised by the careers office. STEM opportunities are offered in addition to this.

Monitoring and evaluation takes place through:

  • Lesson observations and learning walks
  • Student voice
  • Student feedback on their experience of the careers programme
  • Informal feedback from external partners and parents
  • Evaluation of work experience by students and employers
  • Annual parental evaluation
  • Destination data post 16 and post 18



All year groups

The websites below could give you some ideas of future careers:

I Could - I could provides 1000 different video clips of personal careers stories and helps students explore different careers routes and pathways

Get In Go Far - Get In Go Far is the government portal for information about apprentices, with a linked website to live apprenticeship vacancies

www.talkingjobs.net - Video links to specific careers

www.planITPlus.net - Head to the schools section and careers. Click on subject careers box and you can find lots of jobs relating to your favourite subjects, along with relevant labour market information about the jobs you have chosen.

Year 10/11

The following websites may be of use to students and parents:
Future destinations - Sixth Forms:
Ashlawn School
Bilton School 
Rugby High School
Lawrence Sheriff

Lutterworth College
Princethorpe College
Southam College

Future destinations - Colleges:
Warwickshire College
Rugby College
Heart of England Trainers
Stratford College

Future destinations - Apprenticeships:
Find an apprenticeship
Midland Group Training

When applying to any of these post-16 providers it is essential you apply using the most updated form


If you are an ex-AVS student and would like to be part of the AVS alumni, please complete the Alumni Data Collection Form and email to our careers leader.



Parents and carers might be interested to access information in the National Careers Service - Careers Guidance e-Pack, and information about the West Midland’s labour market. These documents can be downloaded from this webpage.

Work Experience

All students in Year 10 are expected to attend a work experience placement the week during the summer term.

All parents must complete the initial work experience letter and return to our Careers Coordinator. Without this, students cannot attend a placement organised by the school or themselves.

Some parents may wish to help their child to arrange their own placement. If so, the employer will need to complete the placement providers information document and the work experience letter.

Please return all forms to our Careers Coordinator electronically or via your child as soon as possible in order to assist with the work experience process.



The eight Gatsby Benchmarks are the core dimension of good careers and enterprise provision in schools. They have a key role in raising young people's aspirations and promoting access to all careers pathways, enabling all young people to develop the skills and outlook they need to achieve career wellbeing and underpin the DfE guidance to schools on meeting their statutory responsibility for careers guidance.


Careers and labour market information

National Careers Service

LMI for all - The widget can be used to explore and compare key information about occupations to support the process of identifying potential careers.

Nommis - A one stop shop for labour market information

I Could -  I could provides 1000 different video clips of personal careers stories and helps students explore different careers routes and pathways



As an employer/employee could you help the students at AVS by:

  • Attending school careers fair
  • Delivering presentations on your companies specialist area within a curriculum area or an assembly
  • Attending mock interviews

AVS can support your company in the following ways:

  • Promoting vacancies
  • Promoting apprenticeships
  • Promoting volunteer placements
  • Providing employees with opportunities to develop their employability skills (plan, organise and deliver presentations to audiences of different sizes and  develop communication skills)

The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College is very grateful to all those employees, employers and volunteers who have helped the students and staff since September 2018.

  1.  Pattersons College
  2. New Direction
  3. Stratford College
  4. Ashlawn School
  5. Lawrence SherIff School
  6. Rugby High School
  7. Midlands Training College
  8. Wright Step Fitness
  9. Morgan Sindell Engineering Solutions
  10. Rachel Cunningham - Community Nurse
  11. JBC Skills
  12. Mrs Tuft – O2
  13. Mr Tuft - Construction
  14. AFCO Gloucester RAF Outreach team
  15. Perry Appletons
  16. Toby Cutner – Keller
  17. Rugby Rokeby Lions
  18. SCCU Apprenticeships
  19. Clarence Recruitment
  20. Akhil Chawla - Schools Adviser - Department for Work and Pensions
  21. Stephen Ensell – Education Officer – British Association of Landscape Industries
  22. Rugby College
  23. Jessica Crofts Lawrence – The Bar Council
  24. Think Higher – Warwick University
  25. Rugby Youth for Christ
  26. David Lennox – Enterprise Advisor Coventry and Warwickshire LEP Growth Hub
  27. Elizabeth Mara - Enterprise Advisor Coventry and Warwickshire LEP Growth Hub
  28. Amy Herring – Murray Uniforms
  29. Liam O’Neill – Rugby Football Town Academy
  30. Glen Robinson – Skills for Employment Manager, Warwickshire County Council
  31. Rugby Christmas Cracker


Policies relating to our career provision can be found on our policies webpage


Careers Staff

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Careers Leader
Mrs D Jones
Careers Coordinator
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