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AVS - A Reading School

Here at The Avon Valley School, we are committed to giving our students the best chance to become lifelong readers.  We know from all the available evidence that reading regularly improves mental health, wellbeing and literacy levels.  Here are some of the opportunities on offer at "AVS:  A Reading School":
  • DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) time happens daily for all students in Year Seven and Eight.  At these times, everyone in the class, including the teacher, takes twenty minutes out of their busy day to read a book of their choice.  Students tell us that they enjoy the experience and parents have overwhelmingly agreed that DEAR encourages students to read more.                                                                                                                                         
  • Our amazing English team has overhauled our curriculum, particularly at KS3, to ensure that students are exposed to challenging, diverse and engaging texts.  From "The Hunger Games" to "Noughts and Crosses", there's something from everyone.                          
  • Our "Books Unlocked" Scheme is designed to support our more reluctant readers, those children who might not sit down and choose to pick up a book.  In these sessions, teachers from across the school read aloud to small groups of children.  The texts have been carefully chosen to ensure that the students are exposed to a wide range of ambitious ideas and vocabulary.  
Alongside all of this, teachers in every subject take a cohesive approach to introducing new and unfamiliar vocabulary to our students, using etymology and spelling as a way to encourage students to know and remember these words.  Our staff have received training around putting this into practice, using the EEF framework for teaching disciplinary literacy.
At AVS, it is our shared goal to provide as many rich and varied opportunities as possible for students to develop a love of reading for pleasure.  

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