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Year 7 Catch-up Review 2018-2019


In 2018 – 2019 The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College was allocated £25,966 in funding as part of the Year 7 catch-up initiative. Year 7 catch-up funding provides an additional £500 for the weakest students in Year 7 and the funding is based on historic levels of underachievement at KS2. This funding aims to help these students to ‘catch up’ with their peers during their first year at the school.

Total number of students in year 7


Students identified for catch up


Financial allocation


Over the course of the year the students followed a catch-up plan involving: smaller than average class sizes, withdrawal for intensive numeracy/literacy work, in class support from a TA.

Student progress is tracked during the year and for the 50 weakest students in the year group the following data records the progress made:


29 students made less than expected progress (58%)

8 students made expected progress (16%)

13 students made better than expected progress (26%)


31 students made less than expected progress (62%)

7 students made expected progress (14%)

12 students made better than expected progress (24%)


Costs 2018 – 2019



 2 extra maths set in year 7

 0.3 of a teacher = £7,304

 1 extra English set in year 7

 0.2 of a teacher = £5,468

 TA support for 3 sets

 0.5 of a TA = £6,409

 Withdrawal from lessons to work with teacher

 0.05 of a teacher = £1,775

 Withdrawal from lessons to work with a TA

 0.2 of a TA = £3,456





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