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Mathematics Faculty

The mathematics department at The Avon Valley School is an exciting, vibrant place to be. Our teaching is classroom based and uses a variety of methods including oral work, written worked examples and practice. However, the differing needs of the students in the class are very much in mind, and a good deal of time is spent giving individual attention, both during lessons and at other times. It is by no means unusual to see members of the department working with individuals or small groups at lunchtimes, after school or at other convenient times. This is a major strength of the department.


Mathematics is a lifelong learning curriculum. 

All students follow the National Curriculum outline and they are tested every term on the main areas of maths including:

  • Number
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Geometry
  • Algebra
  • Probability
  • Statistics.

A GCSE style assessment is used for all of these assessments in order that pupils can become familiar with the format. All assessments will be followed up with full feedback to the student and a ‘Closing the Gap’ retest; a summary of which can be found in their exercise book. The papers themselves will then come home to parents for sharing and future revision.

GCSE Mathematics

Edexcel GCSE Mathematics 

All students study the Edexcel syllabus, however, the final tier of examination entry will be made in collaboration with each individual student and the exam most likely to result in the best grade that they can achieve without danger of being ungraded. Whichever tier is selected there will be three examination papers to sit at the end of year 11. Each paper is a written paper, one and a half hours in length. There is one non-calculator and two calculator papers. The three papers combined will assess all aspects of the curriculum throughout Number, Ratio and Proportion, Geometry, Algebra, Probability and Statistics. Students will have lots of opportunities to practise these style of examinations and after each one they will go through the exam and then sit a ‘Closing the Gap’ paper. The practice papers will then come home each time showing the grade achieved with three areas of focus identified.

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Revision and Retention

In order to help with revision and retention of the mathematical syllabus we revisit key topics on a regular basis. The most important tool we use for this is weekly Homework sheets which follow a standard format for all years. Each sheet has 20 questions that have been covered previously in order for students to maintain their fluency in their key skills. These are set each week on google classroom and are given a full week to complete them. We expect the student to bring in their solutions with full working out shown for every question. They will then bring these home fully corrected for future revision. 

These Homework sheets encourage good techniques and habits for the future. We have evidence they not only increase pupil confidence but also enhance their final results.

Past papers are available for free from the Maths office for all students at any time.

Mathematics Staff

Mrs D Tyas

Faculty Leader

Mr J Patton

Assistant Faculty Leader

Ms S Mancini

Assistant Faculty Leader

Mrs C Richmond

Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs E Quarmyne

Teacher of Mathematics

Miss E Hunter

Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs A Kanyoli

Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs A Bearpark

Teacher of Mathematics

Ms K Miah

Teacher of Mathematics


Mr T Jewell

Teacher of Mathematics


Ms J Drzewinska

Teacher of Mathematics


Ms S Glasborow

Teacher of Mathematics


Ms L Haynes

Teacher of Mathematics


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